Paragraph`s Main Idea

March 28, 2018 Bradley Taylor 0 Comments

If we are looking at an introduction yeah it  this amazing introduction of hook I know there  a bit of exaggeration or hyperbole over there but still yeah that is what you want much of the Vita in yeah that  what you want to do and then notice the little star over there the thesis that is the heart of your essay if the entire essay has become dense or crystallized into a single sentence that would be it that would be your thesis that  your stand right and then you’ve got to every your argument is meaning your main idea about a paragraph one two and three at least some people had in some other fancy paragraphs but you really want to make sure these basically are the best and then you go to your conclusion right okay .

Now with this let let  watch this video right net will allow us to get some sort of orientation to what we mean by this five paragraph structure we normally use five paragraphs curvature commonly at the time semester two arguments supporting our view Molly pendeks this is not the only way necessary are often use today which is paragraphs conclusion right so notice the hamburger structure and I have mentioned this to some of my classes I say the hamburger structure is suitable both in terms of conceptualizing an essay so if you have to talk about it right so that  the O introduction but then you’ve also got your body paragraphs and then your bottom on the conclusion I would say this metaphor also applies to paragraphs and I were to say that point is wrong yeah when the meantime this unsaid it needs to have substance notice the hamburger mental but it  useful because is the idea of the the sense of substance meaning I remember in men during a junior college my lecturer used you used to point to some people say that  it where  the beef and then it was it that  not the point.

The point is when I was with the substance of it right where  the Quizlet the crucial like filling I mean resorting metaplasia but is the idea of there being something meaty and textured about your argument we see them right okay so this basis first let  start with the very beginning right it  very good place to start I am using a man so a kid how are we to brainstorm what are we looking at birth any guesses what are we looking at I listen I get somewhere see you question one in the question you are looking for he was excellent whether that was right you want to be identifying he wasn’t sorry your honor yeah yeah Oh Associates people we get the point right yeah the idea that you need so when you get a match then you are gonna circle it up you can circle those keywords and then you bring something from there because all those words that spring from those keywords are going to help you ask you are writing a message you are going to be relying on those words together again all right let  try it let  try it okay we are not we’ll just be in the extract yeah.