The Secret of Making Work From Home Careers Attractive 2

July 1, 2017 Bradley Taylor 0 Comments

We are now in the arena of marketing as opposed to selling; too many business owners confuse the two or think they are one and the same. To effectively promote yourself, you have to demonstrate to your potential ‘buyers’ you have what they want. This means making a brand image for yourself that differentiates you enough so people will want to be with you.

So the question is, ‘How do you know what they want?’ You have to put the ‘right bait on the hook’ to get the best people. This is because you are ‘fishing for’ as opposed to ‘chasing down’ people. There are different types of bait (communication channels) and you need to know where and when to use them. Basically it is about you putting yourself in your potential promote niche’s shoes and finding out what they want.

The different ways can do this are by joining social networks, forums, watching Twitter chatter, reading Blogs even watching YouTube videos that criticise a competitor. In other words you are looking for what people are saying is missing in your promote niche. One tip is to type name of a competitor and add the word ‘scam’ into Google. This can bring tales of dissatisfied customers but be careful, people often add ‘scam’ at the end as a way to get people to go to their site.

Look for genuine themes of unhappiness. Now develop a ‘tale’ you can tell in 60 seconds why you are what those people want. This is an brilliant way of setting your work from home career on a sound foothold. From day one you will be looking for common needs and generating a ‘want’ to join your home Internet business businesses.

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