The Secret of Making Work From Home Careers Attractive

May 31, 2017 Bradley Taylor 0 Comments

All thriving people have one thing in common, their ability to attract good people to work with them. The rise of the work from home trend is spreading in the UK and Canada according to statistics from Quantcast. Quantcast is a service that analyses visits to websites, trends and ranks sites and is seen as the industry standard. It has been known for some time that 10% of people in the USA have tried network marketing the most common form of work from home company. It is evident this trend is now spreading across Europe and Australasia.

Most people start their opportunity as part time careers and soon learn that because time is limited this ability to attract people to you is what will make or break your career. Using standard rates of conversion you will need to ultimately ‘attract’ in the province of 1,000 visitors a day to your opportunity a day.

So to be a thriving at working from home you can see it is mostly about building relationships. If you start by attempting to ‘sell’ your business opportunity then your fledgling home based business is doomed. You must make people want to come to you as a business associate. This is known as pre-qualifying; instead of people visiting ‘just to look’ you are looking to attract people with the thought of having a home business in mind.

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